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Behind Fervor with Arantxa and Euri

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2 years ago in the heart of Mexico City, we stumbled upon a set of artwork from a place called the Fervor workshop.
This workshop was founded by artists Euri Loreno and Arantxa Solis, who use various metal leaves and uses a variety of application processes and mediums to create art inspired by nature forms, natural landscapes geometric shapes.

Two years later, we are honored to work together with Arantxa and Euri as they share their talent and vision to create the art for our newest collection, a set of designs sharing the same name as the workshop in which it was created: Fervor.

Heavily inspired by the shapes and colors of their home, Mexico, this collection is a celebration the warmth and comfort of home, while also instilling a deep sense of passion and curiosity about the world around us.
Experience the Fervor collection at its fullest by knowing the inspirations and processes behind our newest set of towels from their designers: Arantxa and Euri.

What does 'fervor' mean to you personally? In what ways do you show fervor in your everyday life?
"Fervor is a very special project for us, it allows us to express ourselves and give reality a new interpretation. Our interpretation of our reality. And on that path, we find that many people perceive it in the same way​,​ and connect with our aesthetics."

What are the pieces you've created for this collection trying to communicate? Are there any specific emotions you'd hope anyone who sees this collection would feel while looking at them?

"They talk about landscapes, art, colors, light, and how we reinterpret our gold leaf work on them. They are pieces very close to us because they illustrate what we love and admire​ of the world​ around us. What we hope to ​transmit​ are those same emotions, sensations of warmth, calm, familiarity, but at the same time, continuous wonder​ ​of​ the world around us and deep admiration for it."

What excited you most about this collaboration? How do you feel about seeing your designs on the Sora towels?

"It is a ​collaborative​ work that has us very excited, ​we ​have never done a collaboration of this nature ​before ​and the results seem amazing to us. We find textile work and design fascinating, it is something we always wanted to experiment with."

Can you share with us some personal stories, or how you feel about each of the designs?

"Inside the workshop we always have some connection with the pieces, special ways of calling them​, and​ anecdotes when designing or making them. We find​ lots of​ figures, references, and memories where we never thought we would. It​'​s like ​watching​ the clouds, you never know what you are going to find​,​ but if you look​ closer​ you can discover a lot of yourself in them."

What inspires your work?

"We get inspired by lots of components, especially by nature forms, landscapes, geometric figures, and the combination of them. It all starts with brainstorming, sketches, music and a considerable amount of time watching the world around us.

We also believe it is important to study the work of different artists. We think that is a fundamental part of creating our own perspective and style; to get to know what already has been created, and how they actually found inspiration themselves. It’s sort of getting inspired through the actual inspiration of others."

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