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Sora Gift Guide 03 - Gifting Slow & Small

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Gifting Slow & Small - SORA


As consumers, each one of us plays a big role in helping businesses thrive. With the world slowly recovering, every purchase from your favorite small businesses creates a huge difference especially during these times when even bigger brands are competing for your valuable attention. 

To help out our fellow small businesses, we wanted to highlight the importance of supporting your favorite small businesses by curating a list dedicated to #smallbusinesssaturdays. Here are our favorites worth checking out as you complete your list for the holidays:

Piecework Puzzles



We love how elevated and updated puzzles have become with Piecework’s artful taste and intent- giving value to slowing down, enjoying the process and gathering good company. Choose from a wide selection of options that your loved ones may enjoy the most 

Kinship Skincare Products



Good for the planet and good for you, the brand believes that the health of the planet and yours are one and the same as it aims to change the world through skin. Backed up by science and good design, paired with packaging made of ocean waste, get a kit or two for your friend and celebrate the kinship you share.

Wine & Rock Shop


Wine, Craft Beer, Fine Goods

A collection of oddity and good times, Wine & Rock is a gift and novelty store to gather fail-proof gifts and stocking stuffers for good friends. From liquor to home items, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy.

Pura Utz


Fair-trade Clothing and Accessories

Pura Utz, an accessory brand from Denmark, goes beyond fair trade and not only pays their community in Guatemala 4x the standards, but empowers their worker to take pride in their work and create an environment of growth and respect.



Actually Curios -  Card Game


Starter Bundle

A tool to welcome empathy and ask questions unasked, Actually Curious creates cards that explore trust, connections and deep discoveries - a great new tool for that friend who equally loves to host guests and spend time alone to self-reflect.




Multi-purpose Towels

Working with artists from around the world, Sora aims to make beautiful pieces for you and the planet. Each towel is made of 8 recycled plastic bottles that has been processed into quality, absorbent, sand-repellent and lightweight fabric that your loved ones will appreciate.





Inspired by the resilience and beauty of the Desert, Ayond creates beauty for you and the planet with streamlined, cruelty-free, clean yet potent products made of natural, renewable ingredients and zero-waste packaging



Beyond the Vines


Fashion & Lifestyle

Well thought out and beautifully crafted, Beyond the Vines anchors on creativity and making good design accessible. They create apparel and accessories that are fun, innovative yet equally simple -  something everyone can resonate with.




Clean Haircare

Haircare rooted in Latin Heritage, we love how Ceremonia gives importance to culture and to sustainability, committing to creating a brand  for the future and the next generation. Encourage a friend to give their hair that extra care it needs with better products made of better ingredients.


June Home Supply



An encouragement to live simply, June Home Supply carries a wide range of simple yet beautifully designed homeware, from garden to kitchen. Sharing our Philosophy of finding balance in function and beauty, we appreciate the curation of products they carry and believe that your loved ones will too.



This guide does not include affiliates or partners and was written out of love for these brands. Sora does not take any commission or earn from any products outside of Sora.

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